Requisitos the witcher 3

Requisitos the witcher 3

The witcher 3: wild hu

First of all, the first thing we would like to clarify is that this is the same game that we already enjoyed on other platforms, so do not expect to find any playable improvements or new exclusive content that was not available in the original. However, as its name suggests, it has taken the opportunity to include all its updates and expansions, something that is always appreciated, especially when they are of such high quality and provide dozens of hours of additional adventures.

One way or another, it is still a magnificent adventure that everyone should try sometime in his life, and this re-release on Switch gives us the perfect excuse to do so, as long as what interests us most is to enjoy its portable capabilities, this being its main advantage over other versions that we can find in the market. As expected, to make this conversion possible have had to make great sacrifices in its technical section, something that is especially noticeable in its resolution, which translates into a much lower image quality and can become too blurry in certain situations.

How much does The Witcher 3 weigh on PC?

The game occupies approximately 32 GB of data and includes expansions and DLC. Additional updates may become available in the future that would add to that number.

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How long does The Witcher 3 take to reach 100%?

The Witcher 3 will keep you captivated for more than 200 hours.

The witcher 3 spielzeit

- El 97% de las 550.367 opiniones de los usuarios de este juego son positivas. Según tus preferencias, las reseñas de estos periodos se han excluido de la puntuación de este producto.

Ganador de más de 800 premios, incluyendo The Game Awards 2015: Juego del Año, Mejor RPG y Desarrollador del Año; Golden Joystick Awards 2015: Mejor narración, Mejor diseño visual, Mejor momento de juego, Estudio del año y Juego definitivo del año.

The Witcher: Wild Hunt es un juego de rol de mundo abierto basado en la historia y ambientado en un universo de fantasía visualmente impresionante, lleno de opciones significativas y consecuencias impactantes. En The Witcher, juegas como un cazador de monstruos profesional, Geralt de Rivia, con la tarea de encontrar a un niño de la profecía en un vasto mundo abierto rico en ciudades mercantiles, islas piratas, peligrosos pasos de montaña y cavernas olvidadas que explorar.CARACTERÍSTICAS CLAVEJuega como un cazador de monstruos altamente entrenado para HIREEstrenado desde la infancia y mutado para obtener habilidades, fuerza y reflejos sobrehumanos, los brujos son un contrapeso al mundo infestado de monstruos en el que viven. EXPLORA UN MUNDO ABIERTO DE FANTASÍA MORALMENTE INDIFERENTEConstruido para la aventura sin fin, el enorme mundo abierto de The Witcher establece nuevos estándares en términos de tamaño, profundidad y complejidad.PERSIGUE AL NIÑO DE LA PROFECÍAAcepta el contrato más importante para seguir la pista del niño de la profecía, una clave para salvar o destruir este mundo.PRÓXIMA GENERACIÓN COMPLETAMENTE REALIZADA

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The witcher 3: blood an

Matter of life and death: While completing the mission, in the sequence in the hedge maze, you must kiss Triss when you are given the option. Otherwise, she will reject you later on. Now or never: At the end of this mission, when Triss leaves to go by boat, you must answer "Stay with me" and "I love you".

The maximum level is 70, after this level, even if you gain experience, it doesn't accumulate and you can't level up anymore. I reached level 70 in game mode +, it does not increase more level. There are level 68 quests that cost quite a lot . with the second expansion , you can continue to level up .

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition offers over 150 hours of gameplay, including the base game and its two expansions - Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine. This edition also brings with it all the pieces of downloadable content the game has received so far.

The story is very good, its characters, its world of grays, mixing fantasy and Nordic folklore. At all times reminded me of situations lived in Witcher 3. The first strokes of the developer to convert a saga of books is one of video games. Great job for being their first game.

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The witcher 3: wild hunt

At this stage of the game, it is important to start to assimilate that, although Shenmue III has evolved visually, it will not compete on a technical level with the rest of the titles of the current generation. This does not prevent it from maintaining the essence of the cult classics it comes from.

Taking advantage of the context of MAGIC 2019, Ys Net has offered the most recent preview of Ryo Hazuki's journey of revenge. One that will take us to exotic oriental landscapes. Although of course, to track down his father's murderer, it will not be enough to pay attention to details: we will have to be willing to leave our knuckles.